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Buck Knife -Honey Hole Hunt Club's Knives of  Choice

Why Buck?

100 years of experience
Performance depends on the right steel
The soul of the blade: heat treating
We use state-of-the-art technology
We have a handle on materials
Where our best ideas come from
A knife to last a lifetime
Custom knives
The 4-Ever Warranty
Behind every Buck knife is 100 years of experience and craftsmanship. We use the very best materials and state-of-the-art technology to create knives that meet the exacting demands you would expect of a high quality knife. And we stand behind every knife we make with our 4-Ever Warranty.
At Buck, you’ll always find a wide range of knives to choose from. Each knife we bring to market has been thoughtfully designed and engineered. Blending the right properties into stainless steel will ensure that your knife has the right hardness and strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the knife hold its edge longer and makes it easier for you to re-sharpen the blade. It’s the heart and soul of the blade in our humble opinion.
And yes, we really do sweat the small stuff. We also ask a lot of questions of people who use our knives. Some of our best ideas come from the people who use our knives the most. We make knives that meet the needs of our customers. We don’t follow market gimmicks. In fact, we can even make a knife just for you in our Custom Knife Shope


Hoyt Compound Hunting Bows


There’s a reason why Hoyt bows are the best-shooting, most dependable, most innovative bows on the market: Our engineers are always working to make the best bows even better. They design every part of our bows and accessories to out-last and out-perform everything else out there. You simply won’t find a more advanced, high-tech mix of technologies on any other bow.
The original carbon bow that started it all gets a serious performance overhaul. Unlike any other 35" axle-to-axle bow, Hoyt's exclusive, Advanced Carbon Technology riser system gives you the stability and other benefits of a longer riser without excess weight. The 325 FPS Carbon Matrix RKT boasts a new, high-performance engine – the supercharged RKT cam with ErgoDraw™ Technology – delivering incredible smoothness and blistering speed. Of course, we didn't stop there. The Carbon Matrix RKT also comes fully equipped with our new Pro Lock X-Lite™ Pocket, our exclusive 5-Layer Lamination Technology XTS PRO ARC limbs, the improved, low-friction Inner Race Bearing In-Line Roller Guard (patent pending) and patented Stealth Shot Suppression System. Carbon Matrix RKT is the ideal, 35" high-performance bow for serious bowhunters and the most demanding target archers.


Thompson Center Arms


In 1965, K. W. Thompson Tool was looking for a product to build and a gun designer, Warren Center, was looking for someone to build his Contender® pistol. It was a perfect match. The facilities at K. W. Thompson Tool were expanded and Thompson/Center Arms was formed. Two years later, the first Contender Pistol was shipped, starting a trend in high performance hunting handguns, which continues to grow every year. To date, over 400,000 Contender pistols have been shipped and the pistol’s reputation for versatility, accuracy and dependability goes unchallenged among serious handgun shooters.
Since the production of the initial Contender Pistol, the company has expanded its facilities and product line numerous times. In 1970, Thompson/Center entered the Black Powder market with the introduction of their first muzzleloading rifle, the Hawken. Muzzleloading interest at the time was minimal and the market needed a quality rifle, which could not only be shot but could be purchased at a reasonable price. Original or antique rifles were selling for high prices and most collectors opted not to fire these pieces. The T/C Hawken™ was the first of many muzzleloader types for Thompson/Center.
Currently, Thompson/Center produces an extensive line of single shot pistols and rifles, plus a full line of muzzleloading rifles and “black powder” accessories.
The old-style Contender Pistol has been redesigned. Now called the G2 Contender (2nd generation), it continues to be the most versatile hunting pistol on the market, with the capabilities of accepting both rimfire and centerfire barrels. In addition to the G2 Contender Pistol, T/C also produces a G2 Contender Rifle, again boasting readily interchangeable barrels. Sporting a 23” barrel and weighing only 5.4 pounds, there isn’t a handier, more versatile rifle anywhere.
The overall success of the Contender Pistol, and the reputation it established, led the company to bring out a slightly larger version, with a longer and thicker frame. Called the Encore®, this pistol/rifle accepts the larger, high-powered cartridges popular with hunters who want more power at extended ranges.
Over the last 15 years, the sport of “black powder” hunting has increased dramatically — as have hunters’ demands. Generally not interested in the nostalgia, which accompanies the guns of the 1800’s, these hunters want modern designs, better accuracy at extended ranges, and easier cleaning. Although Thompson/Center continues to offer our first muzzleloader, the Hawken, most of the muzzleloaders T/C offers today are modern in-line styles. These modern muzzleloaders are capable of accepting magnum charges of 150 grains of FFG Black Powder, or Pyrodex® equivalent (i.e.: three each of 50 grain [50 caliber] Pyrodex pellets).
Thompson/Center now offers four different styles of modern in-line muzzleloaders. The Omega™ has a sealed pivoting breech design. The Encore 209x50 Magnum is the most versatile and popular muzzleloader available on the market today. ‘The Encore Endeavor which comes with T/C’s Speed Breech XT and the Triumph, T/C’s new magnum muzzleloader.
An extensive array of black powder accessories are available for purchase to compliment T/C’s muzzleloading product line. Our entire product line is built with one thing in mind — quality. Thompson/Center guns are built by New Englanders, who take pride in building a sturdy product and selling it at a fair price. In addition, Thompson/Center stands behind each gun with their famous Lifetime Warranty.
Our precision investment castings come from our own casting facility here in Rochester, Thompson Investment Castings. T/C’s dedication to giving shooters and hunters their best product value begins with the T/C employees. More often than not, T/C employees use T/C products when they head into the fields and woods... products they (and you) can rely on, year after year.
Thompson/Center is not old by historical standards however, in less than 40 years, we have contributed heavily to the growth of shooting and hunting sports in America. We’ve elevated handgun hunting and hunting with a muzzleloader to new heights. Thompson/Center continues to lead the industry through the development of innovative, quality products for sport shooters and hunters worldwide.
In 2007 Thompson/Center became part of Smith & Wesson Holdings, Co. and is recognized as Smith & Wesson Hunting.



Chasin Bacon's ammuntion:

About Hornady
“Ten bullets through one hole” is the philosophy that brought Hornady® Manufacturing from a two-man operation in 1949, to a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture today.
Change is our constant and daily challenge. We outperform our competitors by ensuring the products we make are the ones our customers need right now, and accurately predict what they’ll want in the future. We recognize trends, and respect when to leave well enough alone. Our work force includes an ample number of hunters and competitive shooters, as well as veterans and former law enforcement officers. At Hornady® Manufacturing, ammunition is more than our livelihood. It’s a major part of our daily life. 
We invite you to check us out, see where we’ve been and where we’re headed. We ask that you hold us accountable, too. Send us your input, photos and shooting updates. We want know what you think about our products.


Best Bow Sight


The IQ™ Bowsight's revolutionary Retina Lock™ Alignment Technology will dramatically extend your effective range!
Most bowhunters are confident shooting at shorter ranges. But, get out to 40 yards or beyond and they lack consistency. This is because of mis-alignment due to bow torque or inconsistent anchor. It doesn't take much.
A 1/4" translates to a 10 inch miss at 40 yards (see diagram below). That's about to change! IQ Bowsights revolutionary Retina Lock Alignment Technology puts you in perfect alignment for every shot. It's easy to use and you'll instantly be shooting short range groups at long range distances!
We offer a complete line of archery targets for the bow hunting enthusiasts, amateur competitors, professional archers, indoor archery tournaments, FITA, NFAA, JOAD and the National Archery in the Schools program.With Hips Targets you will find archery targets with over 35 years of arrow stopping technology, professional quality products and superior customer service at economical prices.
YETTI Coolers - Wildly stronger! Keeps ice longer!
YETI Coolers are built to take the rugged abuse that comes with the way we work and play.
Unlike ordinary coolers, which are essentially disposable, YETI Coolers are made to last! Broken handles, busted hinges, failed latches, caved-in lids, cracked corners… sound familiar? If you’re like most, you’ve experienced all of these with the coolers you’ve owned. Even the most expensive ordinary coolers can’t take the punishment dished out by the average outdoorsman, let alone the pros. That’s why we make YETI Coolers.
Golight, Inc. is a proud supporter and supplier of US troops and their allies with the most revolutionary lighting solutions available. It is our highest priority to provide our customers with optimum products in order to meet their illumination needs.
When it comes to auxiliary lighting needs, there are thousands of possible applications. Each application requires the same rigorous demands for Durability, Versatility and Power.
We have designed, engineered and manufactured searchlights and spotlights to meet extreme conditions — making Golight® a trusted name in the Marine, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Industrial, Utility, Recreational Vehicle, Ag Production, Automotive and Military markets.
Simply put - this is the best lighting solution in the market today. 
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