On our Clewiston property we offer free-range wild boar / hog hunting.

During the summer months of June, July and August we are offering the following special. Due to the summer months being so hot and humid and the mosquito's sometimes becoming quite thick, we are only offering half day hunts conducted early in the morning until noon.

For this property and 100% free range hunts, our rates for this special are: $300.00 per-person, for A HALF-DAY, TWO person minimum and SIX-person maximum.

We offer everything from one hundred percent (100%) fair chase hunting to high fence hunting.  This property in Clewiston is fair chase and is does not have any fences, released animals it is all you and your guide. Please be mindful in the selection of the hunting operation you choose in Florida. There are numerous false and misleading statements made on websites advertising wild boar hunts in Naples, Clewiston, Okeechobee and North Florida. The most common one is the use of the statement "fair chase". There are several operations which state "Fair Chase hunts" which I have first hand knowledge are "Canned Hunts" in small enclosures.  If you are looking for a high fence hunt or even low fence hunt please let us know so we can get you to another property which is better for first time hunters and some hunters with disabilities. If you want a 100% free-range hunt we can offer that as well with our everglades adventure hunt in Clewiston, Florida.

So you know, if the operation offers exotic animal hunting, they are a "hunting preserve" and the hunt is a "canned hunt".  We are not here to judge you simply get you the best experience possible. If you want to hunt exotics we can get you on a property to do that, if you want to hunt wild African Animals we have two conservations in Africa we can get you on for and unbelievable adventure.

Florida does not license or require permits for hunting guides nor do they have any minimum requirements for them. I urge you to be careful in selecting a guide for your outdoor recreational time in Florida. If you have a bad experience with an outfitter or guide in Florida, please contact the Florida Game and Fish Commission to file a complaint. You can also file a complaint with the Florida Division of Consumer Services.

Make sure you ask for references. Any legitimate operator will gladly supply references on request. Ask for references, which have hunted with the operation more than once. Operations that have repeat customers are a good indication of a quality operation.

On this Clewiston property we provide an excellent adventure for our customers. We provide approximately a 98% opportunity for a client to get the shot of their choice. Our shots are usually from shooting sticks (if gun hunting) at forty (40) yards or less. Bow hunters and handgun hunters are usually less than twenty (20) yards. With this stated, customers should realize that the more difficult they attempt to make the hunt (such as bow, long bow, handgun, black powder, etc.) you are decreasing your chances on success. Rifle hunters with scopes are the most successful (99-100%).

Also, if you are coming on a hunt, please practice, practice, practice with the weapon of your choice prior to the hunt. I know this is hard to believe but we have a large percentage of our clients (rifle hunters) miss (or worse, wound the animal) at 40 yards, on shooting sticks, broadside shots. Our policy on shooting, if you miss completely, we will attempt (time permitting) to get you a second shot, if you miss the second shot your hunt is over. If you wound an animal, that is your animal. Your guide will make every attempt to trail or track the animal. You will not be permitted a second without an additional charge.

Success rates and how they are determined can be very tricky. You need to understand how each individual operator determines them. Anything above 90% is a good rate if they are truly hunting fair chase and are being truthful about the rate.

Lodging is up to the client. You should ask for a description of the lodge or camp. You might even ask for pictures of the inside. These pictures are of both bedrooms of our cabin. Just be sure you are satisfied with what they offer for the money. Florida offers everything from large extravagant lodges to tents in the bush.

The operation you choose should have a taxidermist available that handles lots of wild boar. If at all possible ask for his name prior to the hunt and call and talk to him personally. We will gladly supply ours. If he is a legitimate taxidermist he should be able to answer any of your questions. This service should be included in the hunt. If not it should at least be available to you.

Remember to ask lots of questions, talk to the references they supply, get as much information as you can. Remember to do your research and ask questions. There is a lot of false advertising from operations in Florida due to the demand for wild boar hunts. Websites, which provide little or no information concerning their operation such as not providing the owners name or just a post office box or not providing any address at all, must make you, ask yourself why?  Cory T. Knight is the owner of Chasin Bacon and our guides, outfitters and Pro Staff are eager to help you with your next adventure and many times we may be filming for ourselves or one of the tv shows we work with so there is the chance you could be on a show if you sign the release. Click here to hire us today.

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