Manny Puig





Manny was born in Cuba and came to America when he was very young. Coming to America with his mother and his 3 sisters, Manny separated himself at a very young age.

With heroes like Tarzan, Manny's passion took him out of everyday life and into the swamps and the ocean. Even as a young man, Manny was attempting and doing things that the world had never before heard of. As the son of an Olympic medalist for the Cuban rowing team, Manny won the state championship in weight lifting when he was in high school.

Manny stood out in regular society and in the harsh environments that he chose to spend so much of his free time in. As he grew older, Manny began to do more and more with some of the world's most deadly predators. As he studied these animals up close and personally, he learned behaviors and things that no textbooks or scientists were willing to accept.

Even though people thought he was crazy, Manny began to prove time and time again that he knew what he was talking about. When Manny told the world that he could hand feed sharks WITHOUT a cage or a mesh suit, he was laughed at.

When he began to show that he was right, he quickly established himself as a foremost expert in shark behavior. When Manny realized that he could take giant alligators and maneuver them with ease instead of squaring off head to head, nobody believed it. But countless videos and photos of Manny with these prehistoric beasts once again proved that the things that Manny had learned were much more than a fluke.

Today, Manny's influence and groundbreaking discoveries have opened up the way for so many more people to understand the behavior of these terrible hunters. Being seen on Animal Planet, Discovery, USA Network, MTV, and so many more television programs, DVDs, and even movies, Manny's name and appearance has become unmistakable. And with new, groundbreaking, things in the works, Manny isn't resting or slowing down...he's just getting started.


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