For centuries the evolution of hunting has generations from Father to Son rebuilding spirits and relationships with nature.

Bucky Flowers has a lifelong love of all wildlife.

He is the owner of Skins and Scales Taxidermy with the goal of capturing the memories and experience of a hunter’s trophy. Seizing the moment in preservation, Bucky Flowers brings the Art of Taxidermy to life.

Proud to be in business since 1976 his experience with taxidermy takes a history turn growing up in Florida around family and friends that were hunters and fisherman. Purely amazed by his father's deer head display Bucky decided to try his hand at the trade around the age of 13 years old. Working with mail order books and learning to mount a few small birds and squirrels. Soon his determination and love of the trade would find him traveling to many destinations for a once in a lifetime hunt. With numerous trips to Africa, Canada, Mexico and more Bucky has captured the splendor and magnificence of the moment. With the help of several skilled employees, all individually talented in areas of expertise, the common goal is a team effort.

Skins and Scales Taxidermy displays over 300 mounts in his Naples Florida Shop.

The Hunter has lived on for generations preserving the tradition of time. Past down from Father to Son dating back to the beginning of civilization humans have survived on their skills of hunting. This was not considered a sport in fact every part of the animal was used in their everyday life for tools, hair brushes, blankets and more. Brave warriors based their hunting skills to determine their manhood. They took pride in displaying their trophies keeping the antlers, teeth and skulls as symbols of their tribe or family. The oldest form of hunting would soon take a very different turn.

It was human evolution that required the hunter to develop a higher level of skills. Townsmen needed crafters, tradesmen, animal tenders, weavers and more. Hunting was no longer just a man’s job. Many women contributed if they were able.

During the 1700's machinery became very popular. Farming and raising livestock for reproduction slowed the need for hunting down to the sport. Many small towns had tannery businesses in the demand for hides and quality leather. It was the 1800's that hunters began bringing their trophies to the upholsterer where they would sew up the skins and stuff them with cotton and rags. Museums started taking notice and displaying these trophies for educational use.

In the early part of the 20th century the Taxidermist practiced many new techniques and soon this trade evolved into a respectful art of wildlife.

So look how far we have come. Our modern day hunter tries to reflect on our ancestors past. We spend days in anticipation for the hunting trip. We plan far and away places to travel, taking our sons and daughter in tow. We sit quietly for hours, stalking our prey, creating the most memorable moments never to be forgotten. This is the heart and history of a hunter.

Featured in the Naples Daily News:  Bucky Flowers takes you through a guided tour of the work of a Taxidermist.


Skins and Scales Taxidermy provide a verity of specialty services for your trophy.


If there is any special fixture, configuration or combination of the two that you would like we can help.
You may wish to have a mount facing forward, positioned to the left or right or with expression.
We can create lifelike fish reproductions by length or species. We offer in home consultation to discuss position and poses of your trophy that will compliment your room decor.
Our bases are made by the finest cabinet makers insuring a fine piece of furniture and we offer the most exotic wood with skin inlays of your choice. Custom bases are available. Each species of Fish vary in color depending on locality and spawning appearance. We can recreate coloration and pattern of the fish according to the state in which it is received unless you request otherwise. To request a full brochure of our many services and price list please contact us.
Reproduction Fish
Saltwater Fish Skin Mounts
Fish over 100 inches
Largemouth Bass Skin Mounts
{with Driftwood}
{Driftwood with Lilly Pads}
Panfish –Any Size
¼ Mt. Fish
Pedestal Mounts or Tailwalking
Tanning Only
Alligator Skin
{Boot Leather}
{Tan Only}
{Black or Brown}
{Full Skin or Back Skins}
Wood Plaques
Shoulder Mounts
Neck Mounts
Combination Panel for Head and Feet
Wall Mount
Wall Pedestals
Open Mouth Mounts
Front Half Mounts
Pedestal Mounts
Horn Mounts Skulls Cleaned and Bleached
Game Animals
See Brochure
Game Heads and Life-size
See Brochure
Asiatic & Exotic
Boar - Russian
Buffalo – Water
Game Birds of North America
Mourning Dove
Ducks and Pheasant
Geese Fur Rugs
Leapard and Cheetah
Lion and Tiger
Flat Rugs
Gazelle, Thomson’s
Impala, Grant’s etc.
Kongoni, Sable, Topi, etc.
Leopard and Cheetah
Lion and Tiger
Elephant Ear Wall Map
{With Wood Boarder}
Coffee Table
Elephant Feet
{Foot Stool and Wastebasket}
Elephant Tusks
Gun Racks
Table Lamps
Bullet Holes
Cut Throats etc.

Greater Kudu


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