Hog Hunting/ Anatomy

Chasin Bacon’s Tips on Florida and Texas Hog Hunting:

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Draw Length

How to know your proper draw length

There are many ways to measure draw length an we will cover a few of them, however if some shop tries to sell you a bow without measuring your draw length LEAVE THAT SHOP and do not look back.

Unlike a traditional recurve bow that can be drawn back to virtually any length, a compound bow will draw back only a specific distance before it stops (which is called the wall).  Compound bows are engineered to be shot from the a full-draw position.  If a compound bow is set for a 27 ½ " draw length, it should always be shot from the full 27 ½ " draw position.  Your draw length on your compound bow must be set to match your particular size.  When we setup your bow, or have a qualified shop set it up for you, ensure they double and triple check your draw length.


Archery Information

Everything you wanted to know about archery but were afraid to ask!

Archery is just simply awesome. Watching the mystical flight of the arrow is peacefull, sitting in a stand for hours... not alwasy that great. Ft. Lauderdale Archers is an amazing club where you can shoot set targets from 5 yards to 100 and the back of the range you can shoot any distance you wish. Once you are a member you get a key to the gate so you can come in anytime you want 24/7. There are 3d animals set up to practice and you can bring your own targets and practice from a ground blind, tree stand or simply hiding in the thicket. 


Cory Knight Archery Hunter

This is simply a pat on the back until my elbow hurts. 



Wild Game Recipes


Venison Meatloaf 
(my guys BEG for it)
1lb ground deer
1 handful of shredded cheddar cheese (a LouLou size handful, mind you)
1 packet of meatloaf seasoning found in the grocery store where all the gravy and other seasoning packets are
1 can of peas and carrots combined, drained (optional)
1 sleeve saltine crackers, smashed
1 egg
a "mess load" of ketchup to get everything "wet" and make it "stick together"


Archery Safety

Safety First

Get to Know the Archery Safety Guidelines You Need to Follow

Archery is the ancient art man used to hunt and kill in the primitive ages. However, with time, it has evolved into a recreational activity. You may take it up as a hobby or as a competitive sport. Whatever your approach to archery, you need to make sure that it is safe for you and for all others around you.




Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots made easy

I can't tell you how many times I have forgot specific fishing knots, below are some of the most popular fishing knots used for fresh, brackash or salt water fishing.




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